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Advanced electric meter automation system

Basic features:

●Speed ??control of imported digital converters or DC stepless speed controller;

●Temperature control with dual-channel, intelligent import of temperature table (RKC, etc.);

●Low-voltage electrical appliances are Siemens, Schneider and other imported brands, so that electric meter safer, longer life;

●Solenoid valve cooling system uses Italy, CEME, or ACL products to ensure long-lasting and reliable;

●Advanced melting temperature, melt pressure display, but also monitor the implementation of material flow pattern;


●Economy: the use of standard instruments in the loop control, PID regulation, relay control, interlock work; with overcurrent / overload / alarm, simple, economical and practical;

●PLC mode: with analog control panel, man-machine interface, to achieve parameter monitoring, fault alarm, printing, real-time parameter trends and other functions. Comprehensive interlock protection;

●Computer control of (high-end type)

The use of high-end type IPC or PCC control system, together with color touch-screen computer integrated approach can achieve good fortune and joint control to run the whole unit. Truly fully automated service.

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