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ZL series two-stage extruder

ZL Series two stage compounding extruder consisted of two parts. The first part is SJSL co-rotating twin screw extruder, the second is YD single screw extruder.

The function of two-stage machine is to realize good shearing compounding for material first by SJSL twin screw extruder (first stage), then, to finish the extrusion and pelletizing by YD single screw extruder (second stage) at last. Newly scientific advanced design structure may avoid material decomposition phenomenon which caused by material overheating.

Te two-stage compounding extruder is so favored by its good production quality, higher output and lower energy consumption. It is particularly applicable to produce the heat, sensitive material, PVC, POM, XLPE, etc.

Suitable for:

1.Carbon black masterbatch

2.PVC cable, PVC tansparent bottle and blood transfusion tube material

3.PE silicohydride, crosslink cable material, hyperoxide crosslink cable material

4.Wood –plastic blending material

5.Processing for many kinds of heat-sensitive polymeride.

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